Who is the best HubSpot consultant in Devon?

Who is the best HubSpot consultant in Devon?

It’s one of the great mysteries of the Internet age, along with “is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” and “were Ross and Rachel on a break?”.

At the time of writing, the top Google results for the search keyword “HubSpot consultant in Devon” are as follows:

  1. A marketing agency who go to great lengths to advise their customers against using HubSpot
  2. A blog profile for a Dublin-based HubSpot employee with the first name Devon
  3. Said HubSpot employee’s LinkedIn profile

Slim pickings, by any measure…


But still, here you are, seemingly having Googled some combination of the words Devon, consultant and HubSpot and – quite rightly – expecting an answer to your query.

So allow myself to introduce … myself. My name is Chris Higgins, and I’m an indie HubSpot consultant specialising in HubSpot admin, management, setup and training.

However I do have one small confession to make. Thanks to some (savvy / opportunistic / cheeky – you decide) optimisation of the search engine variety, you’ve landed on the website of a HubSpot consultant who is *not* currently based in Devon.

But please don’t let that put you off. My wife and I are huge fans of your stunning county, and visit as often as we can. In fact, we love Devon so much that a few years back we ditched our family, packed the dog into the car and eloped to the stunning Brickhouse Vineyard in Mamhead.


But Chris, I hear you say. That’s all very interesting and your dog is undeniably handsome, but none of that helps me with my HubSpot problem. And although it might seem like that on the surface, let’s look at the where things currently stand:

  • You’re looking for a HubSpot consultant in Devon, but instead you’ve found a regular ‘ol HubSpot consultant. Two out of three keywords ain’t bad. 😉
  • Like most HubSpot consultants, my work is done remotely from my home studio and my location makes absolutely no difference to the quality of the work I deliver.
  • I’ve got ten years of experience working day-to-day on the tools in HubSpot and have helped companies all over the UK and Europe with HubSpot setup, training and ongoing support.

And finally, if you do find yourself absolutely, positively needing someone to swing into your office for a meeting (and presumably a cream tea), I’m only a couple of hours up the A303.

So, in summary, what is the answer to the question who is the best HubSpot consultant in Devon? Well, if you ask Google, there isn’t one. But if you’re happy to consider an Antipodean expat who has an unhealthy relationship with cheese and over a decade of experience working in the HubSpot ecosystem, then we should definitely chat. 👇

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