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Helping you create a business that runs itself

Hey, I'm Chris. I help founders, entrepreneurs & CEOs leverage automation in order to save time, improve efficiency and increase their profits.

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Running a business in 2024 is really f*cking hard.

You have customers to keep happy, employees to manage and operations to … errr … operate. There are competitors to outsmart, economic turbulence to deal with and constant fires to fight … and all that is before you’ve got around to delivering the products and services that help keep the lights on.

What if you could spend less time working in your business, and more time working on it? Better yet, what if your business could literally run itself?

My name is Chris Higgins, and I’m an automation and technology consultant. I work with founders and CEOs in the UK, Europe and Australia, helping them leverage automation to save time, increase their profits and build more efficient businesses.

I can help you:

👉 Identify the bottlenecks, repetitive tasks and time-consuming workflows in your business
👉 Design a strategy to streamline and automate your processes
👉 Configure and customise all of the tech you need to put your company’s marketing, sales and operations on autopilot

Think of me as the Q to your James Bond. I’ll handle all of the strategy, planning and tech geekery, and give you back the time, energy and mental space to be the hero your business needs.

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"Working with Chris has genuinely been a massive milestone in the life of my business. It’s given me my work-life balance back, and freed up the time I used to spend on business admin for more time with my family, and more creative thinking."

Charlie Southall
Dragonfly Digital Video

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Improve efficiency, save time and increase your profits by leveraging the kind of automation wizardry that would make Harry Potter jealous.

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