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Got HubSpot but not the time / energy to look after it?

Make sure your business gets the most out of this powerful tool with exclusive, one-to-one access to your very own HubSpot nerd.

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Electric Monk’s HubSpot admin service: the simple and competitive way to Get Shit Done Inside HubSpot™ without actually having to do anything inside HubSpot yourself.

This is the service for you if your organisation already has HubSpot but needs someone to actually log in and Do Stuff — whether that’s general maintenance, data wrangling, marketing asset creation or trouble-shooting.

I’m right there on the end of a call or email, and because Electric Monk is a one-man operation, you’re straight through to the expert when you need him. Uh, me.

Cheaper than working with an agency, and more efficient, my HubSpot admin service helps you maximise the value you get out of your HubSpot investment and leaves you free to concentrate on the stuff you’re actually supposed to be doing.

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What’s included?

Your complete HubSpot admin solution


Tech support

One of the biggest worries HubSpot users have is what to do when things go wrong. With this service, I’ll be there to quickly investigate, diagnose and fix any problems you encounter.



Got big ideas but not sure how to achieve them using HubSpot? Let me know what you’re trying to do, and I’ll figure out the best way to implement and manage it.



I’ll build all the stuff you need in HubSpot to get on with your day job — emails, landing pages, workflows, live chats, automations. All the vehicles for your marketing genius.



All the things needed to keep your HubSpot shipshape and shiny — I’ll set up new and unused HubSpot features, clean up and segment data, and do general maintenance.



HubSpot is a huge investment, in terms of both time and money. I’ll set up key metrics and build reports so you can maximise, see and share the return on investment.

HubSpot admin pricing

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy

Whether you’re looking for occasional support with especially complex tasks or a fully managed HubSpot done-for-you service, I can help you get the maximum value from your HubSpot investment.

20 hours

  • Up to twenty hours of HubSpot admin & support per month
  • Monthly consulting call

£2,750 /mo

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40 hours

  • Up to forty hours of HubSpot admin and support per month
  • Fortnightly consulting call

£5,000 /mo

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Help will always be given at Electric Monk to those who ask for it.

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