HubSpot admin & management

HubSpot admin and management done-for-you

Make sure your business gets the most out of this powerful CRM with on-demand access to your own personal HubSpot nerd.

How would you feel knowing that your business could get the best out of HubSpot without you having to worry about any of the technical stuff?

I’m Chris Higgins, and I’m a freelance HubSpot consultant who specialises in helping busy marketers with the day-to-day admin & management of their HubSpot portal.

Whether you need help with general maintenance, data wrangling, automation, marketing asset creation or trouble-shooting, I’m right there on the end of a call or email. And because Electric Monk is a one-man operation, you’re straight through to the expert when you need him. Uhhh … me.

Cheaper than working with an agency, and more efficient, I can help you maximise the value you get out of your HubSpot investment and leave you free to concentrate on the stuff you’re actually supposed to be doing.

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What's included?

Got HubSpot but not the time or energy to look after it?

I can support your business with a complete HubSpot admin solution, giving you everything you need to run HubSpot without you needing to lift a finger.


Got big ideas but not sure how to achieve them using HubSpot? Let me know what you’re trying to do, and I’ll figure out the best way to implement and manage it.

Tech support

One of the biggest worries HubSpot users have is what to do when things go wrong. With this service, I’ll be there to quickly investigate, diagnose and fix any problems you encounter.

Campaign management

I’ll build all the stuff you need in HubSpot to get on with your day job — emails, landing pages, workflows. All the vehicles for your marketing genius.


All the things needed to keep your HubSpot shipshape and shiny — I’ll set up new and unused HubSpot features, clean up and segment data, and do general maintenance.


HubSpot is a huge investment, in terms of both time and money. I’ll set up key metrics and build reports so you can maximise, see and share the return on investment.


Working with Chris felt like having a dedicated HubSpot specialist in-house. We’d worked with a big HubSpot agency before working with Chris, and the difference was night and day. With the agency I felt like I was constantly chasing for updates, whereas Chris was super accessible and reliable - he always delivered and gave us great recommendations on how to improve our processes.
Janki Kaura

HubSpot admin pricing

Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks.

Outsource your CRM grunt work to a legit HubSpot wizard from just £2500 /mo.


Chris was incredibly supportive and self-starting. I could point him in the rough direction of what needed to be done and he’d go off and deliver it. The progress we made together was incredible.
Tim Hymans
Crestron Electronics


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Outsource your CRM grunt work to a legit HubSpot wizard today.