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Inbound Happy Hour | Episode #003

George B. Thomas

Special guest George B. Thomas joins the show for a (somewhat belated!) INBOUND19 recap and review, plus a chat about the bumper crop of new HubSpot product features (and an acquisition) announced during November.

Show Notes

INBOUND 2020 - Don't forget #INBOUND20 is two weeks earlier than usual next year, from August 18th through 21st, 2020. ✈️🏨

Nextiny Marketing: What is Brand Affinity Marketing? How to start a video series with Wistia's Phil Nottingham - 10 minute chat with Wistia's Phil Nottingham about his #INBOUND19 session.

Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh (Kindle edition - Amazon UK)

Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh (Kindle edition - Amazon UK)

George's Pro Tip for INBOUND20: "Find a seat in the Westin Boston Waterfront lobby, get a frosty beverage and just start waving at people." 😆

HUBSPOT - Product Spotlight at INBOUND 2019 (YouTube)

HUBSPOT - A New Engine for your Workflows

HUBSPOT - HubSpot Acquires PieSync

SPROCKET TALK - Interview on two-way syncing with PieSync (YouTube)

PIESYNC - Quick Introduction (YouTube)

PIESYNC - Intelligent Syncing (YouTube)

SPROCKET TALK - HubSpot CRM Customizable Contact Records & Properties

Sprocket Talk - The "Ultimate HubSpot Community"

Sprocket Talk on YouTube

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