How to create a meeting time personalisation token in HubSpot

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A couple of months back Kyle Jepson (Senior Inbound Sales Professor at HubSpot) shared a video explaining how to use HubSpot’s new automation features to add an amount of time to a date property. This got me thinking about a post I had read on the HubSpot Ideas forum a little while back.

The general gist of said post is that, given the limitations within HubSpot for customising meeting notifications, it would be useful if HubSpot added a meeting time property / personalisation token that could be used inside of emails. This would allow HubSpot admins to configure and send personalised / branded confirmation or reminder emails that include both the date and the time of an upcoming meeting (which isn’t currently possible).

Although Kyle’s original video was about how to add a unit of time (1 day / week / year) to an existing date property, it made me wonder whether it would be possible to use the data formatting features in HubSpot workflows to record the actual time of a specific event (in this case a meeting), and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks tinkering with a few different ideas.