Your friendly, neighbourhood automation nerd

👋 Hey, I'm Chris (left)

I’m an ’80s pop culture tragic, backyard pizza chef and aspiring marine photographer. I’m also a self-confessed automation, technology & digital productivity nerd. 🤓

About Electric Monk (the work stuff)

Electric Monk is an automation agency without the agency. This is a one-man-and-his-automations operation run by me, Chris Higgins, which means there’s always a direct line of communication between me and my clients.

I’ve been obsessed with automation and digital productivity for well over a decade. I love finding clever ways of using tech to streamline and automate tasks, save time and boost productivity.

If you’re a founder, entrepreneur or CEO and you’re regularly finding your days vanishing in a fog of busy work, repetitive tasks and tedious admin, we should definitely chat.

I’ll help you leverage tools like HubSpot and Zapier to create your own personal army of robots (think more WALL-E and less T-1000). Together we’ll build an automation engine for your business that will help you to save time, improve efficiency and increase your profits.

About me (the personal stuff)

I was born and bred Australia, and these days I split my time between may adopted home town London and my actual home town Melbourne. As I work remotely, that doesn’t affect my clients or services — it’s more in the realm of ‘interesting facts about your friendly neighbourhood automation nerd.’

I’m currently studying photography with the British Academy of … err … Photography. When I’m not working or studying, you can usually find me sat in a theatre or cinema, somewhere along the coast with my camera or in the garden attempting to cook the perfect Neapolitan pizza.


A few of my biggest fans

Chris is a fucking genius when it comes to HubSpot, integrations, automations, and the like. I don't like how his mind works - it intimidates me and I think, once Skynet becomes self-aware, they'll probably keep him on as a liaison.
Lorrie Forrester
Luminary Colour and Style
Chris has been my mate for years - we met at INBOUND and both love geeking out about all things HubSpot. Whenever I can’t figure out if I can hack HubSpot to do “That Thing I Want It To Do”, I call Chris. Together, we work it through and figure out whether it’s possible. With Chris’ help it usually is.
Maret Reutelingsperger
Mobe Digital
You big beautiful nerd. You’ve legit saved me hours across a month.
Richard Wood
Six + Flow
Working with Chris is one of my great decisions. I could recommend him to any business with no doubt he would transform that business. It’s that dramatic.
Charlie Southall
Dragonfly Digital Video
Working with Chris felt like having a dedicated HubSpot specialist in-house. We’d worked with a big HubSpot agency before working with Chris, and the difference was night and day. With the agency I felt like I was constantly chasing for updates, whereas Chris was super accessible and reliable - he always delivered and gave us great recommendations on how to improve our processes.
Janki Kaura
Chris was incredibly supportive and self-starting. I could point him in the rough direction of what needed to be done and he’d go off and deliver it. The progress we made together was incredible.
Tim Hymans

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